Under The Roof Perfectionist Craftsmen LOBBY by hair corner x Noda Coffee 4,000-square-foot Japanese-style new store enters "The Wai"


As "perfectionist craftsmen", we always put in our very best perseverance and dedication to everything we do. Every motion of our hair stylist's scissors and every calculation of our coffee masters are meticulously precise.

The birth of Under the Roof is a fine example of our "perfectionist craftsmanship". Two teams, two fields that blended seamlessly under one roof by experts from around the world.

Under the Roof is a 4,000 sq. ft. operation, that is inspired and adopts a classic Japanese architectural blueprint. Inspiration from Japanese architecture includes beams, wood pillars, cement, dry landscapes, and wavey flows that enable guests to watch every action in coffee roasting and brewing. To ensure the best fresh cup of coffee for all guests, we are the first in Hong Kong to commit to the "15-minute rule from freshly roasted bean to cup". Lobby by Hair Corner has a "light" styling area that can offer a new look for customers in just half an hour.


A pair of the highest-quality scissors and a straight line are the essential principles to create a seamless hairstyle. Each professional hairstylist in Lobby by Hair Corner is an expert in different hair styling techniques such as British solid line tailoring, Japanese air feeling techniques, and French elegant styling. Our professionals all have over ten years of experience in the field and continuously keep up with the latest trends and technologies that inspire them to create unique looks for their clients.


To create hairstyles with unique lines, all our professional stylists are equipped with scissors handcrafted by traditional Japanese craftsmen. Each stylist has 5 to 10 pairs of scissors to cut the unique line of different settings. Each scissor is made of the finest steel for Asian hand sizes. Scissors are an inseparable extension of a stylist's hand! 

The environmental friend concept landed in "The Wai"

The interior walls in Lobby by Hair Corner are painted with Graphenstone Spanish natural mineral paint. Graphene scientific research technology is added to this lime-based paint formula which can absorb carbon dioxide to improve indoor air quality.

It is a harmless substance-free paint that has won many global green certifications. Every 15 liters of this environmentally friendly paint can absorb more than 10 liters of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to the absorption ability of a 250 kg matured tree. Both Lobby by Hair Corner and Graphenstone are committed to producing products that prioritize environmentally friendly processing. Our products use natural ingredients that reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable processing. 

In addition, Lobby by Hair Corner pays special attention to hair care products that are healthy:

  • The new Kerasilk products made in Germany adopt the unique SILK+ technology, which replaces the traditional silk protein with silk imitation amino acids made by bioengineering and combines a large number of natural high-efficiency ingredients and unique "vegan formula"  to create beautiful and strong skin healthy hair.

  • Davines commits to sustainable development, has been awarded a B Corp enterprise and held a global social environmental movement "We Sustain Beauty" climate action.

  • Fiole's container materials are made from sugar cane juice and molasses, which will not have carbon emissions and reduce dependence on petroleum resources.

  • The "Flow" gift box imported from Japan is made of 100% FSC recycled paper and is fully recyclable.

Lobby by Hair Corner will soon collaborate with sustainable sports fashion designer Gary Tsang to bring Yidong Life to Dawei, it conveys the philosophy of sport life that is environmentally friendly and sunshine. Gary Tsang, a former representative of the Hong Kong Mountain Bike team, is inspired by his love of sports and his experience as a sportsman in his designs. Each of his creations is a perfect integration of practicality and sustainability. He has won many awards such as the Won DFA Award and HKDA Global Design Award to name just a few!

About LOBBY by Hair Corner

HAIR CORNER has been established for more than 35 years. It has a long history and is the mainstay of Hong Kong's hairdressing industry. The Weifang branch of its brand, Lobby By Hair Corner, takes the theme of "craftsman" and "environmental protection ESG" as the theme, and cooperates with the World Show Environmental Protection Group. From paint, towels, and paper cups, to hairdressing products, all of them adhere to the principle of keeping pace with the times and with the trend of sustainable development. Lobby by Hair Corner is famous for its unparalleled technical team providing professional services. The team is composed of the top hair stylists in Hong Kong. They follow the route of original hairstyles, as well as creating new hairstyles by researching and exploring new areas of fashion. Our stylists insist on providing customers with the best hair styling services.

Store Address: Shop 325, The Wai, 18 Che Kung Miu RD, Tai Wai

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